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A warm welcome from the Blue Explorers Resorts’ dive team on the island of Gran Canaria!

Our experienced and multi-lingual Blue Explorers dive team is based in Taurito Bay, Gran Canaria. We’ve been welcoming visitors to the warm, life-rich waters of the Atlantic all year round for more than a decade, with around 10,000 international customers each year. Due to our dive centre’s popularity 2018 will see our flagship Blue Explorer Resort opening, enabling us to extend and improve our customers’ overall holiday experience above and beyond diving, to where your every need – in and out of the water – is expertly catered for.

The Dive Centre – Gran Canaria

Set at the very edge of the beautiful beach in Taurito Bay, located next to the delightful harbour village of Puerto Mogan, you will find the Blue Explorers Dive Centre. This is where your underwater adventure begins!

Many of the dive sites are within a mere few minutes from our dive centre. Some we can simply access via a short walk across the beach and into the warm waters of the bay. Others can be accessed from one of our two dive boats and are just 5 or 10 minutes off-shore. Each boat can take up to 10 divers so it’s ideal for large groups.

The dive centre incorporates a classroom area, covered terrace, wet space for the equipment, lockers and showers area and a shop where you can buy snacks, cold drinks, Blue Explorers merchandise and quality dive equipment.

The beach is the perfect place to make a whole day of it – bring a picnic or dine in one of the beach-front, restaurants and there’s plenty on offer in the shops of Taurito to keep you entertained on dry land.

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About Blue Explorers

Gran Canaria

Whether you’re new to snorkelling or scuba diving, want to re-fresh your scuba diving skills, experience deep or open water diving or explore a whole new world under the sea, we have something for everyone. Within just minutes of entering the stunning clear-waters of Taurito bay you can visit reefs, wrecks and caves, swim with rays or shoals of snapper, barracuda and trumpet fish – the Atlantic is teeming with life that always surprises and delights our guests.

Our resorts are full of ocean-lovers where you can share your tales of the sea with your fellow dive buddies over dinner, at the bars or around the pool on a typical warm and tranquil Canarian evening. Blue Explorers resorts truly offers the dive-time of your life, where you can live, eat and sleep diving.


Gran Canaria is surrounded by fascinating dive sites and the clear, blue waters are teeming with life. Due to the sub-tropical climate and mostly clear waters surrounding the island, Blue Explorers are delighted to be able to offer year-round dive excursions.

Diving with Blue Explorers’ experienced and friendly team is like entering a whole new world, an underwater world where you will meet and mingle with hundreds of local species of Canarian marine animal and plant life. There are natural reefs and caves and fascinating wrecks from antiquity to more modern times to explore in our fully guided excursions.

Whether you’re an experienced or a novice diver, the Blue Explorer experience is totally unforgettable – to ensure this we utilise the very latest underwater technology so that your dive experience is not only safe, but also recorded and/or photographed so that you can share it online and at home with friends and family.


With over 20 dive sites in Gran Canaria ranging from just 6M to 60M, and whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice diver, we have a dive site for you.  All dives are led by one of our experienced dive guides and all our equipment is state of the art, so that your dive experience is not only safe, but also recorded and/or photographed so that you can share your incredible underwater experience online and at home with friends and family.


Once you’ve had a Blue Explorers Resort experience - whether in or under the water, on dry land or at one of our incredible resorts - you’ll never forget it…. But why not take home a reminder? Choose from our stylish Blue Explorers merchandising or buy something from our range of quality dive gear ready for your next visit to us? We have a wide selection of products for experienced divers, avid snorkelers and complete dive novices in our online shop.